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Thy Will Be Done.

Posted by Jeff Leeper on Saturday, March 11, 2017,

Thy will be done.

Many times I've been honored to be a part of helping God's people.  I have no power and no authority over the forces of evil or the evil done by people. I do, however have the blessing of being a vessel, if you will, of the higher power that handles these things. So many people from so many backgrounds have been the reciepents of God's protection and salvation.

That said, someone God gave me the amazing blessing of meeting, helping and eventually driving back to both baptize a...

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The abridged story of me.

Posted by Jeff Leeper on Friday, March 10, 2017,

At age 56 I've been blessed more than a man could ask. I've known love and loss and hope and despair.  I've helped and been helped and I hope in the long run it at least evens out.  I haven't been an impressive man, just a man. 
I've raised step children and natural children and a grand child and through the pain and joys of all that I've learned a little, forgotten a little and realized how much I still have to learn in the years I have left.

I've embarrassed my loved ones with my corny jokes ...

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About Me

I'm a decades long investigator, and years long Deliverance minister, Seminarian working on my Masters Degree, an author and a musician.


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