At age 56 I've been blessed more than a man could ask. I've known love and loss and hope and despair.  I've helped and been helped and I hope in the long run it at least evens out.  I haven't been an impressive man, just a man. 
I've raised step children and natural children and a grand child and through the pain and joys of all that I've learned a little, forgotten a little and realized how much I still have to learn in the years I have left.

I've embarrassed my loved ones with my corny jokes and made them proud sometimes.  I've worked as hard as health and situations have allowed but I haven't been or done much that's impressive. I hope I've made a difference or two but I sort of doubt it.

I've yearned and shared and felt the heartbreak of losses. Losses like the loss of my marriage, my grandchildren, my parents, my relatives and my beloved friends who have passed on before me, and I often wonder if they would have been pleased with my choices. I often wonder if I have.

I've worked, had positions of authority, been low man on the totem pole and been laborer. I've made a lot of music and shared my somewhat limited wisdom with friends and acquaintances and strangers. I've counselled and prayed with and hoped I was doing right.
Maybe I've helped, maybe I've just been there when things have improved, I couldn't say which. I know that I have no power to do anything for people's hearts but I do know Someone who does.
With age 57 looming I realize I've got more years behind me than ahead of me but that's ok. A new life awaits. When it's all said and done I hope someone remembers that I wasn't such a bad sort.
I don't care to be remembered as handsome or famous or impressive in any way. Those things have eluded me and I'm ok with that too.

All I would like is that if anyone does remember me, they might say in passing.
"He was kind.".