That's all I can say. I met up with my Dominion Ministry Family at the hotel and then off to Pennhurst. What a time!
Actually I lost signal on my GPS and spent 3 hours in State College, Pa til many phone calls got it back..then off to the hotel...Which I arrived at 3 hours later than planned...
And nobody was awake....
So...I slept in the car, in the hotel parking lot til about 5 AM when James Annitto knocked on the window and let me in.
After a couple hours on a bed and a hot shower, off to breakfast with my Dominion Family.
Ohhh...Good stuff!
Athena Balch, Bill Freeman, James Annitto, Doloris Kirkpatrick, Ginju Scrot, oh...and me...I behaved....Mostly.
I seldom get to breakfast with three beautiful ladies.
and the men weren't bad either..well I wasn'
After stuffing ourselves til actual walking was a mere dream we all waddled to the cars and headed to Pennhurst.
Wow...My standard issue black clothes did not like me in that heat, those old buildings, the stairs or the 150 acres...but i looked very dapper in my tie, (which i considered hanging myself with due to the black clothes i mentioned,
For some reason this big goofy sap ended up volunteering to be a  pack mule because I can't stand to see ladies passing out unless it's from my singing, and up the stairs I went, loaded with goodies for tables.
So many wonderful friends and my paranormal family made me feel loved and like i really was their family.
I can't even name them all. Wow. But my lovely dear Loren DePinto, Ros Bown, my Dominion Family, Dave Juliano, Bob Christopher....and my beautiful Mountain Gypsies...(Whom I got the honor of working with, along with Dana Wingerd..
Getting a good hug from the dear Mother Kristina Rake (and a Saint Benedict Cross) rounded things off so nicely.
I can never fit all my loves in this post, like Brooke Haramija, Sabrina, Gina-the-roller derby queen, Tammy-the-smooth-master, so many.
Dinner Saturday night was insane, as SOMEBODY kept making terrible jokes and puns at the table, cracking up Christopher Saint Booth and his beautiful wife, and my new film/photographer friend, James, and my newest friend, Lynn Czekaj, who by the way got EVERY JOKE! LOL. (brains and won't go into too many of the jokes.. You kids are too young....
Then.. Back to Pennhurst next morning and sales, and work, and hugs and photos and more hugs.
As I drove home the last day I had tears in my eyes. I was genuinely leaving my family, almost my only family, hours behind me. You all made a lonely old guy feel wanted, and I thank you so much for that.

I can't wait for the next event and some much-needed hug therapy.

Dang kids never behave.

I Have No idea why the looks.. I was even acting all sophisticated...LOL.