Thy will be done.

Many times I've been honored to be a part of helping God's people.  I have no power and no authority over the forces of evil or the evil done by people. I do, however have the blessing of being a vessel, if you will, of the higher power that handles these things. So many people from so many backgrounds have been the reciepents of God's protection and salvation.

That said, someone God gave me the amazing blessing of meeting, helping and eventually driving back to both baptize and to give his first communion, has passed. I'll miss him terribly though we had sporadic contact. When you're given this Work you nearly fall in love with everyone you're sent to. A class act, a hard worker and a genuinely decent man has passed. I pray for his easy transition. I pray for his family and for once I pray a little for myself. Though I know better and although I'm well versed in the hereafter, I grieve.

We of the cloth, who are given the responsibility of helping to deal with grief are nonetheless all too human.  Those God chooses us to help become extended family. Maybe because I have little else to call family I feel it the more.

Tomorrow I'll stop being so self serving and stop grieving so, but for today. Just this day, I'm kind of tired.

God Bless you, my friends.