To be honest, I've been interested in the paranormal all my life.  My mother was very much into the paranormal and often talked about ghosts.

We've had experiences that I could now figure out as the influence of environmental factors in our old house. Old wiring connected to next generation wiring connected to new wiring....dirt floor in the basement..methane....the horsehair plaster breaking down....Things we didn't think of in those days...and that many don't now.

We've also had experiences here that at least at this point in my life I can't explain.  My sister used to talk to an imaginary old lady on the stairway of our old homestead. Eventually she became upset with this lady whom she said wouldn't let her come down the stairs.

We had a front door that slammed open for a week, and always at the same time of night...hard enough to put a hole in the wall....with a family full of witnesses who watched for it after the first couple of nights. The last night the screen door slammed open instead of the main door, and Mom declared it over.

There have been more, but none necessary to mention here.

When the opportunity came to join a real group (instead of doing my own thing for so many years)  presented itself, I jumped at the chance, especially to work with such experienced investigators. Distance and time have prompted me to form my own group in my area, but I appreciate the time and lessons learned.

It was so cool, doing what I love in a group atmosphere, but my focus has changed. We've had a very positive effect on people's homes and lives. I don't know if we're all aware of the huge responsibility we have to our clients. Most of the time we don't get calls for help unless the client is at the end of his rope.

Even now, with Ghost Hunters and other paranormal shows bringing this field to the main stream (thank you guys)...people are afraid of being stigmatized for claiming to be haunted.The saddest thing to me is that many people are afraid in their own homes for no reason.

Debunking or finding evidence, and seeing the faces of families who are no longer in fear in their homes is my personal motivation. This is why I spend so much time researching cause and effect of environmental issues in a home. It's no longer something cool I dojust to selfishly find the answers I need to find.

Now its a responsibility.

It's a sacred trust that the client puts his home in the hands of people who are literally strangers and hoping to ease the fears of them or their children.

My biggest fear is missing something that could explain an experience, and allowing the fear to continue due to my own ignorance of details. I consider it an honor to have been a part of such a fine organization as Taps Family, and love the network of groups we can trust to help a client too far away for us to handle.

I also consider it an honor to work with the wonderful people in this group, Grip Paranormal. I don't know what I ever did to deserve to be associated with such an exceptional collection of personalities, and I hope they know how special they are to me. I hope to continue on here for a long time, and to help families who need the information and education we have available. We have more investigations set up, and more people to help. 

I can't wait for the opportunity to help.

I only hope I'm good enough.

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